9 of the Most Unusual Places in the World to Spend the Night

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If you like a good adventure, these unique accommodation options will transform an ordinary stay into an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

7 Amazing Travel Destinations You've Never Heard About

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When if you’ve spent much of your life traveling to various places around the world, chances are, there are still at least a few amazing destinations you’ve never heard about. If you’re looking for something new and different, these spots are sure to fit the bill.

Awe Inspiring Helicopter Tours

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Touring some of the world’s major sights by helicopter is a fantastic way to get a new perspective that you wouldn’t have any other way. And if you’ve never taken a helicopter tour, you may not even be aware of some of the cool things you can actually do when you book a tour, so to help you, here are some awe inspiring airborne tours that will get your blood pumping.

Heart Pounding Rock Climbs

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Rock climbing is one of the most grueling, exciting and active things you can do in your life. It may not seem like the ideal getaway, but once you’re out on that massive outcropping trying to conquer what nature has wrought, there’s few things than can compare to the challenge, effort and triumph you feel when you reach the summit. So if you’re ready for a new kind of experience, here are some of the most heart pounding rock climbing destinations in the world.

Earth's Best White Water Rafting Destinations

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If you're looking for something exciting to do on your next vacation that is also a fun workout for your arms, legs and back, consider booking a white water rafting trip. You don't have to have any experience rafting because nearly every tour includes an experienced tour guide who will get you up to speed very quickly. And if' feeling extra adventurous, you can book your own single or two-person kayak for even more thrills. To get you started, here are 10 cool white water rafting trips.

Great Spots To Go Hiking

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The Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland is beautiful in cold and warm weather. When it is warm outside, it is a gorgeous green color and when it is cold, it is covered in glistening white snow. This is one of the biggest attractions in Iceland and the mountain is the most photographed place in Iceland. The nearby waterfall adds extra beauty to the mountain.

Top Places To Have A Honeymoon

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Located on Whitsunday Island in Australia, Whitehaven Beach is another place you must visit at some point. The sand on this beach is perfectly white and does not retain heat so it is perfect for long and romantic strolls.

Adventurous Vacation Spots

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At Yellowstone, you can have an adventurous vacation that includes biking, trekking, walking, and exploring the Yellowstone River by rafting. You can even ride to the Absaroka Mountains horseback.

Top 10 Exotic Caves

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If you are one who enjoys seeing different sites around the world, then this gallery is for you. Ancient caves are a thing of beauty. Enjoy this gallery, covering the top 10 most exotic caves on Earth.

Earth's 10 Most Entertaining Cities

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Earth has plenty of entertaining places. Some of these places happen to be colossal cities. Some of these colossal cities just happen to be breathtakingly beautiful as well. This is our top ten of Earth's most beautifully entertaining cities.