1/11 Portland, Oregon

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Portland is frequently named as the world's best beer city. It's home to more breweries than any other on the planet, referred to as "Beervana," with over 60 breweries calling Portland home. The City of Roses boasts such famed establishments as Pyramid, Bridgeport and Widmer Brothers Brewing, and also has a new crop of eco-breweries on the rise. At Hopworks Urban Brewery and Bar, the bar is powered by customers riding stationary bikes. 

Hair of the Dog has reached near-cult status, and you'll also find the popular craft breweries Deschutes and Rogue Ales operating right around the corner from one another. According to supermarket tracking services, Portland leads America in percentage of craft beer sales with nearly 40 percent of beer purchases being craft beer. And, Oregon breweries brew over half of all the draft beer served in the state.